About the Creator of On Par Lane

My name is Jennifer Lipowski. I am a 44-year-old wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, serial entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor, happy, sometimes sad, people loving human being. 

I was a child development specialist who owned and operated a wonderful child development center for 22 years. After selling that business my husband and I decided to go into real estate investing. After being diagnosed with Stage 3C breast cancer, going through three years of treatments and numerous surgeries I decided to make some changes. I am into following my dreams and taking chances. I recently started a new business called On Par Lane that I dream of turning into a lifestyle brand and use it as a platform to help other cancer survivors or those looking to live a better cleaner life in hopes to avoid the awful C WORD!!!  Thank you for visiting my site!  Take a stroll down Par Lane and start living your life “On Par.”



PS. Below is a picture of my family that includes children, parents, siblings, and niece (missing my BIL)!  Family is everything and an amazing reason to LIVE <3